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Dr. Mamelak is moving!

In Accordance with §165.5 of the Texas Administrative Code, Dr. Mamelak is informing all patients that he is leaving Sanova Dermatology. His last day in the clinic will be May 31, 2024.

For dozens of years, Botox Cosmetic has been successfully used for procedures on the upper face including diminishing frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines and fine lines around the mouth. More recently, Botox has been found to be equally effective for use in improving lower facial issues as well. Here are five lower face areas that may be substantially improved with Botox Cosmetic injections.

Correcting Jawline jowls with a non-surgical neck lift (Nefertiti Lift)

As we age, the Platysma Muscles in our neck begin to contract, pulling surrounding tissues down and leading to the development of jowls, loose skin and an undefined jawline. Traditionally surgery has been the only option available to tighten and reverse sagging tissues. Now there is a non-surgical option available using Botox injections. The procedure is named The Nefertiti Lift (for the famous Queen Nefertiti who was known for her graceful and beautiful neckline). Botox injections relax the Platysma Muscles, helping restore a more youthful neckline while alleviating  the accompanying look of turned down lips as well. All this, while offering a non-surgical and less expensive option.

Vertical Neck Bands

Vertical Neck Bands result in a long, string-like appearance on either side of  the neck. They are also the result of Platysma Muscle stretching. The injection of Botox is used to relax and smooth the Platysma Muscles, resulting  in a much improved appearance.

Gummy Smile

A Gummy Smile is one that shows much more of the gums than is usual, often leading patients to feel self conscious. Botox injections have been used with success in relieving this  condition and in turn, increasing feelings of patient self-confidence.

Softening and Reshaping an Angled Jaw

The human face comes in many shapes, most commonly, round, long, oval and square. For patients with an accentuated sharp angle to their jaw or face, Botox injections to the Masseter Muscles of the face are used to soften an unwanted, often severe shape of the jaw or face.

Chin Dimpling and Cleft Chin

Time and heredity may lead to  dimpling of the skin over the chin. The result is a texture resembling an orange peel or golf ball. Injections of Botox play an important role in correcting this look by softening and smoothing the look of skin over the chin area. The procedure is also useful for patients who are seeking relief from the look of an unwanted cleft in their chin as well.

Along with choosing facial aesthetic improvements comes the need to make sure your Botox Cosmetic injector is qualified and experienced. Don’t hesitate to contact me for an appointment and evaluation today.