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Dr. Mamelak is moving!

In Accordance with §165.5 of the Texas Administrative Code, Dr. Mamelak is informing all patients that he is leaving Sanova Dermatology. His last day in the clinic will be May 10, 2024.

Winter weather brings more than cool temperatures. The dreaded winter itch, or dry irritated skin is all too often encountered during this season. Dry skin can develop anywhere on the body. It is an uncomfortable condition that is can be red in color, drawing the attention of your condition by those around you. This winter season, use these tips below to prevent the winter itch from affected you.


Applying a moisturizer to your skin throughout the day will protect your skin from the cold and dry air. Think of the moisturizer as a layer of armor, shielding your skin from the weather outside. One of the best times to apply moisturizer is right after your shower, when your skin is still damp. However, if your skin is itchy, you can apply moisturizer multiple times a day, after hand washing or when going from outdoors to indoors.

Not Just Any Moisturizer…

Moisturizers come in different forms, and not all moisturizer are the same. Different preparations will rehydrate and repair your skin better than others.  In general, thick creams and ointments work better as moisturizers that thinner lotions. However, lotions and oils spread easier and are often considered more elegant to apply to the skin.

Moisturizers with strong fragrances can irritate your skin, especially if it’s dry. Some moisturizer add other ingredients, such as vitamin E and hyaluronic acid that can have other benefits for the skin. Moisturizers not only heal dry patches, but also prevent dry skin from developing.

How Hot Is Your Shower?

The idea of a hot shower may seem like a great idea in the middle of winter, but the damage it can do to your skin may not be worth it. The heat can further dehydrate the skin. All of the protection applied throughout the day with moisturizers can seem ineffective with the heat. A cool quick shower or lukewarm water is best when suffering from winter itch.

What Are You Wearing?

In the winter months, it is easy to reach for that wool sweater before venturing into the outdoors. Any itchy fabric, however, can irritate your skin, causing it to itch and in return, cause you to scratch the area. Scratching will further damage your skin, potentially leading to further irritation and discomfort.

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