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Dr. Mamelak is moving!

In Accordance with §165.5 of the Texas Administrative Code, Dr. Mamelak is informing all patients that he is leaving Sanova Dermatology. His last day in the clinic will be May 10, 2024.

Stress can be a difficult thing to quantify. Many if not most of us operate with some constant level of stress in our lives. And while certain situations, current affairs and unanticipated events can increase anxiety levels and stress us out, our bodies can also respond to being overwhelmed. It is well recognized that if you are prone to certain skin conditions, stress can make them worse. As well, if you are under undue pressure, problems with your skin can surface.

What Happens When You Are Stressed?

When you experience stress, there is a chemical reaction that takes place within your body. This, in turn, can trigger a host of responses from increased inflammation in your body’s tissues, increased oil production in the glands of the skin, or an aberant immune reaction. A somewhat new field that highlights this mind/skin connection is psychodermatology.

What is Psychodermatology?

This field explains how the mind and skin are connected in different ways; one of those ways is through your emotions. Specifically, when you feel stressed, sometimes bodily systems, of which the brain and nerves are a part, can send signals to each other and trigger a response in your skin.

What Are Some Effects of Stress on the Skin?

Stress Management Techniques

What are some techniques to help you minimize the effect of stress on your skin? Consider engaging in some of the methods below.

Other Helpful Methods to Deal with Stress

There are different approaches, such as relaxation training or habit-reversal training (where you train yourself to be more aware of your behavior). These can help, especially if you are dealing with more chronic forms of stress or where therapeutic intervention may be needed.

Benefits of Stress Management

Developing strategies to address the stress in your life is essential. When you are feeling less stressed, you feel better about yourself and are more likely to take better care of yourself. However, sometimes the services of a professional are required.

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