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Dr. Mamelak is moving!

In Accordance with §165.5 of the Texas Administrative Code, Dr. Mamelak is informing all patients that he is leaving Sanova Dermatology. His last day in the clinic will be May 10, 2024.

More and more people are getting Botox injections regularly, making Botox one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today. Botox can help you feel better about your skin by helping to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, as well as other imperfections on the skin. The science behind Botox continues to evolve and dosing and administration techniques are getting better all the time. Microtox is a novel way to administer Botox into the face and skin. This technique uses multiple tiny Botox injections just below the surface of the skin, resulting in many benefits and great results.

Conditions Treated With Microtox

This technique is used to help many conditions found on the skin. These conditions include, fine lines, uneven texture, enlarged pores, oily skin, sebum production, facial sweating, flushing or hot flashes, rosacea and facial redness, and others. If you have one of these issues with your skin, or even multiple, Microtox may be able to help you get the skin you deserve.

Benefits of Microtox

Microtox vs. Traditional Botox

The Microtox treatment itself differs from traditional Botox as it simply uses smaller injections of more dilute product so your face does not look “frozen”, but it leaves your skin with a more natural looking remedy. One of the main benefits of using the Microtox technique over traditional Botox is the fact that results can appear faster. These skin tightening treatments will have your skin looking better within a few days. With traditional Botox treatments, it can be up to two week before seeing the differences in your skin. Waiting for results is a thing of the past.

Microtox may be the answer you have been searching for. Contact me to schedule you consolation and treatment today.